Damaged Surfaces Can Be Dangerous

Fix potholes with help from our asphalt repair company in Franklin, Cullowhee & Sylva, NC

It only takes one small pothole to cause problems. Your friends could trip when they visit your home, or you could twist an ankle while doing yardwork. Take care of your asphalt patching with help from Jones Grading & Contracting, LLC in Franklin, Cullowhee or Sylva, NC. Following a thorough process, our team will make sure your asphalt surface is smooth and safe.

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Comprehensive service for long-lasting results

Cutting corners is the quickest way to end up with problems down the line. That's why our team follows a thorough process to ensure long-term results.

The asphalt patching process includes...

  • Filling in the hole to replace the sunken asphalt
  • Smoothing out the surface for an even blend
  • Allowing the surface to set for a safe repair


Depend on our asphalt repair company for professional service every time. Contact us today to get started.